An evidence based guide by Braun L., Cohen M: Herbs and natural supplements.

By Braun L., Cohen M: Herbs and natural supplements.

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1 (2005): 90-6. Reynolds T, Dweck AC. Aloe vera leaf gel: A review update. 1-3 (1999): 3-37. Richardson J et al. Aloe vera for preventing radiation-induced skin reactions: a systematic literature review. 6 (2005): 478-84. Roberts DB, Travis EL. Acemannan-containing wound dressing gel reduces radiation-induced skin reactions in C3H mice. 4 (1995): 1047-52. Rodriguez-Bigas M, Cruz NI, Suarez A. Comparative evaluation of aloe vera in the management of burn wounds in guinea pigs. 3 (1988): 386-9. Saada HN, Ussama ZS, Mahdy AM.

Altern Med 1 (1986): 280. Bolkent S et al. ) Burm. fil. leaf gel and pulp extracts on kidney in type-II diabetic rat models. 1 (2004): 48-52. Brossat JY et al. Immunostimulating properties of an extract isolated from Aloe vahombe. 2. Protection in mice by fraction F1 against infections by Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia pestis, Candida albicans and Plasmodium berghei. 1 (1981): 11-34. Bunyapraphatsara N et al. Antidiabetic activity of Aloe vera juice, II: clinical trial in diabetes mellitus patients in combination with glibenclamide.

Treatment produced a positive inotropic effect, improved left ventricular modelling and ejection function (Luo et al 1995). 6% had significantly shortened ventricular late potentials (Shi et al 1991). Angina pectoris Two clinical studies have suggested that astragalus may be an effective treatment for angina pectoris. One study used Doppler echocardiography to study the action of astragalus on left ventricular function in 20 patients with angina pectoris. Treatment resulted in increased cardiac output after 2 weeks, but no improvement in left ventricular diastolic function (Lei et al 1994).

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