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The original Spanish version of the tables is lost, but a set of canons (introductory instructions) for planetary tables are extant. They are written by Isaac ben Sid and Judah ben Moses ha-Cohen, two of the most active collaborators of Alfonso X. The Alfonsine Tables were the most widely used astronomical tables in the Middle Ages and had an enormous impact on the development of European astronomy from the 13th to 16th century. The Latin version of the Alfonsine Tables first appeared in Paris around 1320, where a revision was undertaken by John of Lignères and John of Murs, accompanied by a number of canons for their use written by John of Saxony.

Cf. Skt. ankah "hook, bent," Gk. angkon "elbow," angkura "anchor," Lith. E. G. ango "hook," Av. ank- "curved, crooked," Av. Pers. angošt, angol, angul "finger". Zâviyé from Ar. zâwiyat "corner, angle". : angle d'inclinaison General: The angle between one plane and another, or the angle formed by a reference axis and a given line. The angle between the orbital plane of an object and the equatorial plane of the parent object. → angle; → inclination. : angulaire Having, forming, or consisting of an → angle or angles.

Same as glory. Anticorona, from anti- + → corona. : anticorrelation Statistics: The correlation coefficient of two random variables X and Y is in general defined as the ratio of the Cov(X,Y) to the two standard deviations of X and Y. It varies between 1 and -1 corresponding to complete correlation or anticorrelation. Anticorrelation, from → anti- + → correlation. Pâdhambâzâneš, from pâd-→ anti- + hambâzâneš→ correlation. : rayons anticrépusculaires Rays of sunlight that appear to converge at the → antisolar point.

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