American Family of the Colonial Era Paper Dolls in Full by Tom Tierney

By Tom Tierney

Spanning three generations, an American kinfolk of eight is proven in interval dresses worn for house responsibilities, farming, and formal events. Wardrobes contain lace-and-ruffle adorned robes, a judge's gown, army uniforms, a sublime swimsuit of eco-friendly velvet, Indian-inspired frontier clothes, and masses extra. eight paper dolls, 32 costumes.

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IF YOU’D RATHER Wizard Costume BE TRANSFORMED INTO A MAGICAL Wizard’s Lantern Dragon Costume Unicorn Costume CREATURE, YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM A VELVET-BELLIED HORNED DRAGON WITH SEQUINED WINGS OR A UNICORN COMPLETE WITH FRINGED HOOVES, FLOWING TAIL AND A WREATH OF FLOWERS. DRESSING UP HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY OR SO MUCH FUN. 41 Wizard Costume Abracadabra, alakazoom! Cast spells all over your room! This complete wizard costume includes an elegant hat that is durable enough to withstand many adventures.

Roll the wide foam end over the tailpieces, applying hot glue to each section of foam as you roll. Clamp the rolled foam in your hands while the glue sets. Squeeze additional hot glue into the top of the tail to help hold the tulle in place. 3 E Hot glue the white flowers in a circle around the top of the tail. Wrap the elastic around your child’s waist, positioning the tail toward the back. Loosely knot the ends together. T H R 1 ✭ W T 2 S O ST E P S T E P ✭ ✭ E Cut three 45" (114cm) lengths of 1/2" (1cm) wide silver ribbon.

Wrap the elastic ends around your child’s waist and tie them in a loose knot. 1 ✭ S T 3 N 2 Cut the eye pattern out of black craft foam scraps. Hold one of the eggs horizontally and apply hot glue to the back of a foam piece. Wrap the V around the center of the egg, positioning the open ends at the top and the point at the base. Repeat the process to attach the second V to the other eye. O ✭ S T 4 52 R O U E Bring the headpiece up and over the nostrils, hot gluing the underT H side where the cap meets the brim.

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