Alzheimer's and other Dementias: Answers at your fingertips, by Harry Cayton

By Harry Cayton

Factors concerning the differing types and reasons of dementia. aid with the sensible problems with taking care of somebody with Alzheimer's. info of the place to head for help and suggestion at the criminal and monetary implications. assistance on settling on a care domestic, what to seem for and the way to arrange. solutions to questions about attainable remedies and study for the long run.

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T his is a complex question and it is better to talk the issues through with a trained counsellor and a doctor who specialises in genetic diseases. Don’t be hurried into a decision. If you do have the test, which is a simple blood test, it will show whether or not you are carrying the gene that has caused Alzheimer’s disease in your family. If your father had the gene, you have a one in two chance of having inherited it. If you do have the gene, you will almost certainly develop Alzheimer’s disease at around the same age as the other members of your family.

What should I do? T his is quite common. Don’t be embarrassed about making an appointment to talk to the doctor again. It is important that you have a discussion about what your needs are, what sort of help is possible and what to expect in the future. It is also important that you try to ensure that there is some ongoing follow-up of both you and your wife, as the situation is inevitably going to change as time goes on. See whether you can be put in touch with a community nurse or Admiral nurse, who may be able to answer your questions.

My partner has to see a psychologist next week for some kind of memory test. Can you explain why he needs to go and what will be involved? M aking a diagnosis of dementia can be quite difficult, especially when the illness is in its early stages. Furthermore, some people may complain of poor memory that is not obvious when the doctor first sees them. In these circumstances a doctor may decide to refer a patient to a clinical psychologist or to another doctor in order to have a more extensive set of memory tests.

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