All New Crafts for Earth Day by Kathy Ross

By Kathy Ross

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Make small adjustments to the shape to make the fish float well and in an upright position. Use the black marker to add eyes and fins to the fish. 38 Make a second fish. Find a friend and race the fish in water. A bathtub, baby bathtub, or child’s pool would work well for this race. To move the fish, blow at the fish through the straw. Another idea! Snip scraps of discarded aluminum foil into tiny pieces to make glitter for craft projects. Store your homemade glitter in a jar with a lid. 39 Entire books have been written on craft projects using cardboard tubes.

Another idea! Cut simple shapes from the plastic scraps and color them with permanent markers. Tape the back of a safety pin to one of the shapes to make a lapel pin. 29 Gather up those extra pencils in the bottom of your old book bag and put them to use. Pencils Trivet Here is what you need: 16 pencils of various sizes, colors, and patterns scissors white craft glue felt Here is what you do: Use the scissors to snip the points off of any sharpened pencils. Arrange the pencils, side by side, on the felt.

You could also use this turtle as a pin or magnet. Another idea! Draw a picture of a tree and glue puzzle pieces on the branches for leaves. Choose orange, red, and brown pieces for a fall tree and dark green pieces for a summer tree. Use light green pieces and maybe some pieces with small flowers to make a spring tree. 47 About the Author and Artist Thirty years as a teacher and director of nursery school programs have given Kathy Ross extensive experience in guiding young children through craft projects.

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