Africa for kids: exploring a vibrant continent, 19 by Harvey Croze

By Harvey Croze

Africa is delivered to existence during this inventive examine the vegetation, animals, and folks that make it any such interesting continent. stories of either conventional tribes and sleek African towns show off Africa's variety, and genuine actions permit teenagers to dive into the wealthy tradition by way of creating a Maasai bivouac protect, writing a fantasy within the African sort, operating as a box biologist, creating a ritual elephant masks, and studying to tie an African Kanga gown. This cross-cultural learn additionally exhibits young ones what demanding situations Africa faces at the present time whereas giving them a glance at what it really is prefer to live to tell the tale this fascinating continent.

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Like human kids, a young male elephant stays with his family group until puberty, around 14 years of age. A female calf may stay with her mother and sisters for the rest of her life. Elephants are big hearted, too. There are many recorded instances of elephants helping one another—supporting and trying to lift an injured comrade, pulling a spear from another’s backside, pulling youngsters out of mud holes, and females helping other females give birth, just like human midwives. Elephant society is matriarchal, meaning the females call the shots.

But this birth had not even begun yet, so what is amazing is not only that she anticipated a future event but she talked about it as well. eland—travel in a 300-mile circle in search of green grass. As they travel, they stomp through the home ranges of some 300,000 other herbivores, resident animals like topi, buffalo, giraffe, hartebeeste, Grant’s gazelle, waterbuck, and warthog. Along the way, the wildebeest are in constant danger from lurking predators—lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, hunting dogs, and jackals.

The one pictured here, from the Kongo tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has two doglike heads with sharp teeth. With their red eyes they watch for danger from each direction and stare down would-be thieves. Pieces of human bone are wedged between the bristles to suggest what happened to previous intruders. Nkondi were also believed to be effective in witnessing public events. Each time an agreement was made, an oath taken, or a punishment Nkondi nkisi: a watchdog fetish from the Congo.

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