Adventures in Theoretical Physics: Selected Papers with by Stephen L. Adler

By Stephen L. Adler

"During the interval 1964-1972, Stephen L. Adler wrote seminal papers on excessive power neutrino strategies, present algebras, tender pion theorems, sum principles, and perturbation idea anomalies that helped lay the principles for our present general version of easy particle physics. those papers are reprinted right here including exact old commentaries describing how they advanced, their relation to different paintings within the box, and their connection to contemporary literature. Later vital paintings by means of Dr. Adler on a variety of themes in basic idea, phenomenology, and numerical tools, and their similar historic historical past, is additionally lined within the commentaries and reprints. This e-book could be a precious source for graduate scholars and researchers within the fields within which Dr. Adler has labored, and for historians of technological know-how learning physics within the ultimate 3rd of the 20th century, a interval during which an everlasting synthesis used to be accomplished.

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