A Compendious Grammar Of The Egyptian Language: As Contained by Henry Tattam

By Henry Tattam

This ebook is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

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Chap. in being Sahidic, Letters. used always in its stead. is pronounced as h or and n, breathing of the Greeks, as is used for the sharp gonAoN gY ca)TIOC onkov, voownog. x. Sir Gardner Wilkinson says: "This ced hard as answer in go, g and not as dj" Arabic _. to the fiaQya^tTrjg, XFNFcjxop, xpo)M for xpo)M and (Tog, xog. This letter Copts; as is is pronounced as ncotfNi, cycuA for d"o>A. in Sahidic in 't. But it a), is pronoun- appears to It X, r, u}, rFNF(|)a)p for for xoy^T, , u)oy

It is expressed by or MKAg, for NFM, O)MMO a/- UJFMMO. appears from some words derived from the Greek, It that the line f) has been used in Coptic to express the vowels A, F and o; as NAecoe, \-(vad(60\ Noyqi. and FCTiN for f^orr]v. equally evident from the Sahidic, that the line It is used for A, F and o; as is (-) thou for HTOK, for o)OMTF. three When 3. ovoixpt; : ANK for oyHTC] for oyONTAq. NH for NEM f. ; and: ANOK. tic gH /; halh; for the line (^) occurs above a vowel in words derived from the Greek, we rind it expresses the soft or hard breathing of the Greeks; as HCAy- 'Haav; (OCANNA.

CABF; prudent. plur. , last, plur. pFM^F. free. CABFy, prudent XANF, humble. f XANFy, pFMFy,/ra', plur. t>AF, > last, humble, plur. Of Nouns. Chap. IV. which end 12. Coptic Plurals in 17 E and o; but which change them into the FBO, mute. plural. FgHoy and Fgcooy. oypo, a rich, king, /air, pi. a door. O)FMMO, a o^NHOy, #<"/. Arm, nets. V/. tf^, oxen. rw. pAMAO, kings. stranger. lApcooy, rich. a}FMMO)oy, U)TEKO, To Anwoy, magicians. ET(j)0), a singer. 14. C(|)tp, in E. woyi or cooyi which end in an side.

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