10-Fold Origami Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 by Peter Engel

By Peter Engel

10 steps or less—thats all youll have to study 26 extraordinary origami folds with 10-Fold Origami.
A thoroughly unique tackle a really well known vintage topic, 10-Fold Origami from well known origami artist Peter Engel, beneficial properties attractive images and easy-to-follow illustrations for 26 wide-ranging origami models.
From the vintage pinwheel and sailboat to the extra adventurous high-heeled shoe and bat, this publication makes an excellent gift for folders of all degrees.

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Protect from flattening during remaining steps. 10. Carefully roll in top and bottom of band along creases formed in step 8. Band becomes thick but will hold together Completed Wedding Ring. 49 10-FOLD ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY A 10-inch (25-cm) square produces a duck that is 9 1/4 inches (24 cm) long from beak to tail. 50 Y Adv. FOR THE ROMANTIC 1. 1. Pre-crease vertical centerline. Mountain- and valley-fold at quarter-points to form an accordion shape. 3. Pull out trapped paper and flatten. 2. Valley-fold two front layers together from lower corners through upper middle.

Pull out loose paper on each side, keeping the narrow flaps in place. ) Int. A 6-inch (15-cm) square produces a cone that is 6 inches (15 cm) tall (not including scoop). 4. Reverse-fold along the creases formed in step 2. 32 DELECTABLES 5. On each side, 6. Valley-fold tip to swing a narrow flap to the rear where it folds naturally. Turn over. begin rounding of ice cream. Circle indicates area of details in next step. 5. 7. 7A. 7B. 8. 7. Valley-fold tiny flap to edge and swing loose paper down with another valley-fold.

6B. Open out the white portion and refold symmetrically, turning creases inside out as necessary. No new creases are formed. B A 8A. Reverse-fold tip of heel up 9. Mountain-fold exposed end and inward. 8B. Mountain-fold sides of heel inward as far as they will go. Press firmly. flaps symmetrically into central cavity. 10. In central cavity, double over all interior thicknesses with tweezers to lock. Gently round back of heel and sole to complete the High-Heeled Shoe. 47 10-FOLD ORIGAMI 2. Sink the upper pyramid at the crease formed in step 1.

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