Twisted Journeys 3: Terror in Ghost Mansion (Graphic by Paul D. Storrie, Sandy Carruthers

By Paul D. Storrie, Sandy Carruthers

Your worst fears come precise whilst you’re trapped in a really haunted condominium! each Twisted Journeys® photograph novel allows you to keep an eye on the motion by means of picking which route to stick to. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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Clever, child! ” In a blind panic, you stumble along the dark passageway, occasionally bumping into walls. An eerie wailing echoes behind you. After what seems like forever, you see a dim light shining under the crack of a door. It’s just enough to reveal that there’s a staircase leading down, too. Go on to the next page. 63 t out of the e g o T ? o d ld u o sh What you ownstairs eventud o g to ve a h ’ll u house, yo stairway, you d e p m a cr , rk a d e ally. But in th ing coming. th e m so e se t o n t h mig .

Maybe Barry’s cell phone will work when the storm passes,” you say. One by one, your friends leave. Soon you’re alone in a room lit only by candlelight and the occasional flash of lightning. You wish you could take off your costume, but you’ve got nothing else to wear. Funny that the butler didn’t at least give you some towels to dry off. Despite what you told Tim, you’re too nervous to sleep. You walk over to the window and look out into the dark. 54 go on to the next page. Go on to the next page.

Hale. They look angry. “We had a little talk with Iris,” says Dr. Hale. ” Mrs. Hale spreads her arms wide as she lunges towards you. ” she shrieks. You stumble back through the door you just came in. Chester is right there. You run right through him. Icy cold washes over your whole body. Your legs stop working. You tumble to the floor. Chester peers down at you, grinning madly. “That was funny,” he says. THE END 45 “Relax, guys,” you say. “Sue’s probably right. ” Sue wags her finger at the ghosts.

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